TGBC Camp 2019

We've been to a mountain range national park, a high-country lake, the rugged southern coast and now we're headed to Victoria's longest river. It's difficult to capture a TGBC camp with words. It's different things to everybody. It's slow and steady or intrepid and exciting. It's fire and beer and poetry and hiking and comradery. It's mountain peaks, giant swings, things you haven't done before, childhood board games and sleeping in your chair. It's meeting our guys en masse and swapping stories you'll never otherwise hear. It's our annual pilgrimage.

Camp is from Friday 4th October until Monday the 7th. That's four unforgettable days of freedom. And FYI, Monday is a public holiday for ACT, NSW, QLD and SA, so we're hoping to see a solid contingent from those four states. If you're flying from interstate, get in touch about how we can cover one of your flights.

A ticket to camp is $500. That covers your transport to and from camp, one of your flights if you're coming from interstate, all your food, beers, accommodation and activities. All you gotta do is say yes. You can pay a ticket off in $50 increments or one whole chunk in the store on our website. Go check it out.

Posted in News on Jun 19, 2019.