Create a New Chapter

So you think your town need a Tough Guy Book Club chapter?

That’s good because that’s how TGBC grows, but we take opening new Chapters very seriously and are picky about who we take onboard.

Step 1

Get in contact with us. Send us an email or a message via Facebook. All of our contact details are on the Contact page.

Step 2

We’ll be in contact with you so we can have a chat about club stuff. We like to have a chat to get to know a bit about you and your town. A Chapter is only as good as the guy who sets it up so we need to make sure your not some kind of internet crank, a cannibal, or massive dickhead.

Step 3

If you get to this bit, we'll talk about what it takes to open up a new Chapter.

Step 4

Start running that thing.

But remember, from the moment you start your local Chapter you have the full support of the Tough Guy Book Club and we’ve found there are very few problems we can’t fix when we’re all together.