Tough Guy Book Club Camp

Each year, a committee of stalwart Goons gathers forces and plans an epic four-day gathering at a different scenic location somewhere in Victoria, Australia. Tough Guy Book Club Camp is a weekend of flying axes, bonfires, beer, hikes, whiskey-tasting, talking shite and meeting up with Goons from across the country.

With our 2020 and 2021 camps being kiboshed by COVID, we've crafted a cunning plan and like a phoenix from the ashes of a COVID defeat, we've decided to double-down and will be hosting two camps in 2022!

Camp of the Sunburnt River took place from 4 March - 7 March 2022 and Camp of the Misty Mountain is scheduled for 30 September - 3 October 2022.

Ticket sales for all 2022 camps have closed. 2023 camp dates will be made available at the start of the new year!

So why come to camp?

Because camp is bloody awesome, that's why! Your ticket covers the cost of accommodation, food, beer and a bunch of activities that we’ll put on too.

Where to buy a ticket?

When available, tickets can be purchased on this page. Tickets cost $500 and can be paid for in instalments of $50. This means you can buy a full ticket over a total of 10x instalments. For non-Victorian Goons, the total number of instalments required will be reduced as part of the flight subsidy, which is a change from past camps. Discount details are available in the FAQs below.

Camp of the Sunburnt River

Dates: 4 March - 7 March 2022

Campsite: Licola Wilderness Village

Location: Jamieson-Licola Rd, Licola VIC 3858

This was a drinking in the outdoors, beating the posh team at sports, and hanging out by the river in a 1980's film-style camp. Located in Victoria’s southeast, Summer Camp was a short three-hour drive from Melbourne and was one hell of a weekend after 2 long years in and out of lockdown! Thanks to the 70+ Goons able to make it to our first ever Summer Camp!

Camp of the Misty Mountain

Ticket Sales Closed

Remaining payments can be made using the secure payment link emailed to current attendees on 15 August 2022

Dates: 30 September - 3 October 2022.

Campsite: Howmans Gap Alpine Centre

Location: 2587 Bogong High Plains Rd, Falls Creek VIC 3699

Camp of the Misty Mountain will be in Victoria's Bogong High Plains. Located near Falls Creek in the Alpine National Park in the Victorian Alps, camp is sure to offer a winter adventure complete with snow, ice cold beers and the warmth of good company and a raging bonfire!

All camp related questions can be directed to the committee by emailing with finance related questions being directed to

Frequently Asked Questions

When to buy a ticket?

Ticket sales for our 2022 camps have closed. Once our 2023 camp tickets are available, the store links will be added above. If you have remaining instalments, you will be emailed a secure payment link to continue purchasing tickets. Final payment are usually due one month before camps and we’ll make sure to let you know to confirm a date.

Is there anywhere else to find out more information about TGBC Camp?

Follow the links below to our event pages on Facebook. These are the best places to ask questions, connect with others coming to camp and stay up to date with the latest camp information.

TGBC - Camp of the Misty Mountain

Flight Discount Table

If you are flying interstate, we have calculated discounts based on average flight costs from major cities. The table below has the discount costs and total tickets required to purchase to attend camp if flying from these Chapter locations. This means that the total number of instalments required have been reduced as part of the flight subsidy, which is a change from past Club camps.

Sydney $100 8
Gold Coast $150 7
Brisbane $150 7
Hobart $100 8
Perth $200 6
Adelaide $100 8
Rockhampton $200 6
Canberra $150 7
Launceston $100 8

Great FAQs lads (really awesome work) but I’ve a shit-ton more questions…

Awesome, find your camp event on Facebook (links above) and post them there and we’ll answer as much as we can as soon as we can. Hell, we might even add it to this page if it's a great one to help out other Goons.