Partial Reimbursement of Camp Travel Costs

Tough Guy Book Club wants to see goons from all over the country attend our annual camp to share in the stories and experiences of this great club. All goons living in Australia who live outside of Victoria will have the option of reducing their camp fees to help offset the travel costs of getting to and from camp if they live interstate. The reduction in fees is equivalent to a one way, advanced purchase airfare from home to their nearest major city.

In order to qualify for the fee reduction you will need to complete the form which can be downloaded from the website so that we can track who qualifies for the fee discount. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU COMPLETE THIS FORM BY FRIDAY AUGUST 16th SO THAT WE CAN MANAGE OUR BUDGET FOR CAMP. THE SOONER THE BETTER PLEASE!

Please check the table below to confirm your fees if you apply for the discount. The discounts are based on airfares booked six weeks in advance from Melbourne to all major centres that have TGBC Chapters.

Booking your tickets? Please make sure that whatever you do, you'll be ready to depart Melbourne city or airport around mid-morning on Friday the 4th October. This is because we are arranging car-pooling and need to align everyone's departures for camp, and because cold welcome beers and good times will be chewing incessantly at a leg of our trousers. There's only so long they can wait.

Tough Guy Book Club Camp Fees 2019
I come from… Regular Camp Fee Discounted Camp Fee
Gold Coast$500$400