Windsor and Yarraville Chapters Kick Off

2019 is off to a flying start with 2 Melbourne Chapters opeing tonight.

The first is one directly between the existing Footscray and Williamstown Chapters in the notoriously civilised but likes to party suburb of Yarraville, which continues our ongoing expansion into the western districts. This constant domination on the western front is due to constant effort of our team from the west, Steve Bruce, James Barry, Tony Duras, Peter Defteros, and our other great officers out that way.

The next is Chapter stuck directly in the heart of the south side. Collingwood Original Rob O’Reilly has taken up the challenge to open up the Windsor Chapter, just off Chapel St at the awesome Windsor Castle Hotel. We've struggled with opening sustainable Chapters down south before but is anyone can do it, it'd be "The Irish Mallet" Rob O’Reilly.

We’d like to thanks all these officer and welcome all the new goons who may be attending either of these Chapters tonight.
Have a good night and see you next month.

Posted in News on Feb 05, 2019.