TGBC In the news - The Tradie Magazine

Do you have trouble explaining to other dudes what Tough Guy Book Club is about? Is it weird telling them you're in a book club in the first place? It shouldn't be, right? One day maybe. In the meantime if your mates look at you funny, bring 'em down to the pub and we'll straighten them out with beer and quality conversation.

Anyway, here's something that makes explaining TGBC a bit easier.

We're in the news more often than you think, but not as much as we could be. We try to be selective because we've made something cool here and it's hard to explain properly, as you know. But here's one we couldn't pass up - a writeup in The Tradie, the magazine for the thinking tradesman and self-proclaimed 'Australia's greatest smoko tool'. Now there are some goons who get us.

No need to waste any more time here, go read it. And watch out for more of us in the news.

Posted in News on Mar 23, 2022.