TGBC End of Year Book Swap 2019

Anticipation. End of Year Book Swap is all about anticipation. It’s not just about what treasure you’ll get in the mail from some far away Goon, it’s about the book that you source from your own collection, or that you buy and send off to another far away Goon. Will he like it? Will it stay in his library as a keeper? Will he get the enjoyment that you hope he’ll get because you read it and loved it? Then again, is it a book that you’ve always wanted to read?

End of Year Book Swap makes Goons happy! It’s part of the giving nature of Tough Guy Book Club and the excitement of choosing a book for someone you hardly know, maybe have never met, but who enjoys being part of something big and strong and healthy.

Books are what bind us to reality, to fantasy and to paths in life that lead to like-minded people. Choosing and giving books fulfils our need to share and in many ways explains who you are.

The thrill of receiving a book in the mail is just as good. Some Goon from another town, city or state has gone to the trouble of choosing a tome just for you. Sometimes the book comes with an accompanying letter or card, written by the sender explaining why they chose that book. In the end it doesn’t matter, you’ve done something nice for someone and it’s a good way to finish the year.

The Goon at the other end feels the same way. No matter what he’s going through or has been through in the year past, your book is something that can only bring cheer.

It’s a feel good story that has no end. Every year regardless of what goes down, you can be part of something good.

-Steve Bruce (Williamstown Chapter)

Posted in News on Dec 20, 2019.