TGBC Monthly Challenge – #showussomething

The challenge for May 2020, apart from finding a path through your hoarded toilet paper, was to show us something at home. How do you make your signature dish?, are you working on a renovation project?, an instrument or langauge you are learning, building a car, digging for oil… anything.

The goons proved once again what a diverse bunch they were. Some were displaying years worth of well honed skills, others attempting something completely new but all who took part gave an insight into a part of their lives at home.

There were many notable examples throughout a great pool of notableness. There was the story of a goon learning from his grandad how to work a vintage soviet era lathe. Not only did he get to make some amazing brass door handles for his house and spend quality time, he gave his grandad an opportunity to finally pass on skills of a lifetime. Come to think of it, every time that goon opens a door in his house he will remember his grandad. Nice.

Some took advantage of the lockdown to conduct epic renovations (to be fair, most didn’t know how big it would get, like every renovation on earth), backyard landscaping transformations and gardening. One goon had a crack at furniture restoration and found they want to do much more. Another is going a step further with land restoration one weekend at a time, the full results will last long after he is gone.

If anyone has wondered where all the flour has gone, it’s been well spent on some seriously professional looking baking efforts, including some major efforts for Mother’s Day feasts proving true toughness is alive and well.

All in all, everyone who took the challenge displayed something different but all proved what Tough Guy Book Club is all about, that we all have a lot more going on for us than just work.

Aaron Elsey (Geelong Chapter)

Posted in News on May 07, 2020.