TGBC Monthly challenge – #beerwithastranger

This challenge was about getting outside your normal circle and getting to know a goon you don’t know much about. Blokes have a reputation for not being good at getting out there socially so it was great to see the goons putting a major dent in that stereotype.

We saw a lot of posts of goons having great conversations and experiences, finding common ground and fascination in subjects they haven’t considered before. Everything from learning French to travelling, how to write a proper murder mystery, flame grilled meats, architecture, lessons on the Scottish legal system, relationships, how to learn from fuckups, a night at open mic comedy and of course, a whole shed load of talking about books.

That description could be a greatest hits of all the catch ups or it could be a summary of just one of them. In the end, one hashtag summed it up perfectly with #strangersnomore.

If that sounds good to you (and it is) come along to a club meet. There’s no reason why you can’t do the challenge even after it’s done. You can find us with the Find Us tab or email us any questions via the Contact tab.

As always, see you first Wednesday of the month, it doesn’t matter if you have read the book or not.

Posted in News on Sep 05, 2019.