Goon Profile – Lucas Earl

Lucas Earl


Who are you:
I'm just your average late 20s early 30s bloke struggling to balance work, friendships, hobby and starting my own family.

How long have you been with TGBC:
Somewhere close to 4yrs, longer than I’ve been with my partner!

How did you end up coming to TGBC:
I moved cities and new no one, a brief gooogle search later and I went to my first chapter meet. Now I have friends for life who have helped me be a better guy

What’s your favourite TGBC book?
East of Eden. I’ve never liked the classics but I couldn’t put this down

Why are you a member of TGBC:
Camaraderie, broadening my horizons and a refuge from the stress of life

What book have we not read yet that you’d like to do at TGBC:
The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

Posted in News on Jan 09, 2020.