Goon Profile – James Barry

James Barry

Footscray – Victoria, Australia

Who are you?
I’m a Queenslander by birth, a son to loving parents, and an elder brother. I equate music to life.

How long have you been with Tough Guy Book Club?
My first meet was February 2016, “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman.

What’s your favourite TGBC book? And Why?
Australian fiction always bats above its average on the world stage. From David Malouf’s description in “Johnno” of rain hitting the fresh bitumen streets of post-war Brisbane; capturing the laconic sarcasm of a publican and a solitary customer in Kenneth Cook’s “Wake In Fright”; or perhaps Rohan Wilson’s ability to personalise the extermination of indigenous society in “The Roving Party” from the viewpoint of an aboriginal hunter. Our tales are unique and the unpleasant kernels of truth wedged into our national identity make for great storytelling.

Why are you a member of Tough Guy Book Club?
Why did I join TGBC? Initially it was to make some connections in a new city. More importantly, I came back because I felt a sense of camaraderie in reading something that I can talk to any bloke around the country (or the world) about each month. Plus my local venue Bar Josephine has a wonderful selection of books on the walls... and excellent craft beers!

What book have we not read yet that you’d like to do at TGBC?
If I’m picking a book for the summer break I cannot look past Xavier Herbert’s “Capricornia”.

Posted in News on Dec 31, 2016.