Goon Profile – Alex Dobson

Alex Dobson


Who are you:
Wine wanker, pasta nerd and passionate lover of, and advocate for, all forms of creative expression from fashion to fine art.

How long have you been with TGBC:
TGBC: March 2015?

How did you end up coming to TGBC:
Shay messaged me on Facebook and told me about about it and I just showed up. Just three of us then and I knew no one.

What’s your favourite TGBC book?
I am Pilgrim...just kidding, it is probably A Brief History of Seven Killings with several others in close competition including East of Eden, Blood Meridian, and Eye of the Sheep.

Why are you a member of TGBC:
It is a rare and treasured moment when I get to be away from work and home and about and in a room of great people from different walks of life, many of whom I would never have met otherwise, talking about books, life and the universe.

What book have we not read yet that you’d like to do at TGBC:
Something written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I have developed a keen interest in Nigeria via its political fuelled music from the 60’s through to the 70’s and am keen to immerse myself further and Chimanmanda’s works seem like a great place to start.

Posted in News on Feb 12, 2019.