August challenge, good work 2020 – #goodwork

This month's challenge was relevant and tricky. It was about making the effort to recognise someone in service work doing a good job and exceeding expectations regardless of being noticed or not. Goons were asked to take notice of those quiet achievers out there and make a point of letting those organisations know about it. Considering August was well into the lockdown, someone getting the good work done was more relevant than ever. But with so many things shut, encountering someone outside your immediate bubble was going to be very tricky.

Regardless, many goons rose to the challenge, posting screenshots of their appreciation and the responses back. Auto dealerships employees making that extra effort to keep people safe during the pandemic, pharmacy workers working magic to get vital prescriptions out, jewellers creating something special for an anniversary, librarians organising home deliveries for vulnerable people and shoutouts to organisations doing good work, especially the many frontline healthcare workers doing their vital thing.

Naturally, most of these unsung heroes followed up by asking if there was anything else they could do and that’s why they need more shout outs. Like many of the monthly challenges, it’s become an ongoing thing for some goons.

There’s no reason why you can’t do the challenge even after it’s done.

As always, see you first Wednesday of the month, it doesn’t matter if you have read the book or not.

Aaron Elsey

Posted in News on Aug 15, 2020.