Join a Chapter

You want to join Tough Guy Book Club?

Well it’s damn easy…..

Step 1

Check the Find Us page to see if we have a Chapter operating in your area. (If we don’t, go to the Start A Chapter page to fix that.)

Step 2

Turn up on the first Wednesday of the month to the location of the meet, grab a beer and say hi. Yes that’s it.

OR if you’re the kind of guy who never walks into a room without knowing exactly what’s going on...

Optional Steps
  • Check the Books page to find out what we are reading this month, buy it and knock over some pages before the meet. Please know this is very optional no one gives a fuck if you haven’t read the book. Come anyway.
  • Join the Facebook page Here to keep up to date with news and stuff.
  • Join the Pool Hall to talk shit with the guys from other Chapters.